December 5, 2023
Taara Ka Ghar By jyoti Kiran

taara ka ghar

The idea of man living in harmony with nature has been the central point of fairy tales and in the utopian version of life. “Taara ka Ghar” by Jyoti Kiran is an attempt to revisit this idea and talk again about the harmony of human beings with nature in a time when the 2 have drifted away due to technology coming in between and changing the equation.

Through the exploration of life in one family, the author has made an interesting attempt to explore the fantastical idea and reach out to more readers altogether. Taara and her family form the central point of focus in Jyoti Kiran’s book, which shares their lives as they live in harmony with nature and its creations.

Taara ka Ghar is a title that has been chosen with thought and amply suits the plot that is explored in the text. Since the story revolves around the protagonist Taara and her house and the characters that make their appearances, it suits and gives the required weight and justification to the title.

The cover of the book would not give the readers an idea about the challenges that the protagonist faces throughout and how she comes back stronger every time. The title seems to share what the book would be like, and the book is exactly as the title depicts, a story about a character named Taara and all that happens in her home.

“Taara ka Ghar” is a story is written in Hindi and is a fictional story set in a village. This fictional home transports the readers to a far away land where human beings live with animals even when they face troubles and difficult times. The desire to stay together and to take care of each other is apparent through Jyoti Kiran’s story, which connects with the readers and even makes them want to return to nature in the same harmonious form as it used to be.

The author has written everything in simple language, due to which anyone can understand the book easily. Also, as the story is written in hindi language, it would have a great impact on the minds of people loving hindi literature. The usage of the Hindi language also connects with the Hindi-speaking audience, who would enjoy the book even more. The story is relatable as the family members face the situation of animals entering their house very lovingly without fear, just like it mostly happens in the villages.

Taara’s character is very interesting among all the other characters of the story as Taara never gives up and loves animals. For every animal, she has deep emotions, just like she has emotions for her family members.

The scenes of the village have been portrayed in a way that is relatable enough to understand the life of the village in reality. Through the story, the author has written about entertainment, village life, a variety of challenges faced by people residing in villages, and different characters through the scenes where Taara, the protagonist, is playing with animals and she is overprotective towards all the animals equally. The book has a wide target audience who love reading hindi stories. Everyone would definitely enjoy reading the story as the book is interesting.

The author Jyoti Kiran also discusses various aspects of life that a person living in a village goes through, such as having an animal randomly from the jungle. Apart from interesting things revolving around animals, the author has also written about life lessons for someone who is the age of Taara.

The book is perfect for a bedtime story for any child as it not only utilizes the fantastical elements but also imparts important life lessons that can significantly impact a child’s mind in a healthy manner. Although the story is set in a village, it is not just relevant for readers who live in a village or are from a certain area. It is a very special book for children as it has a lot of fun that a girl who is just seven years old has with the animals in the village. It can be read by anyone and would definitely be enjoyable if read till the end.

The way the plot unfolds with each page resonates absolutely with the title of the book, ‘Taara ka Ghar.’ The author Jyoti Kiran has done justice to the story by writing every detail of the character and scene in the book. The book overall has the infusion of elements like drama, fun, life lessons, mystery, etc. and hence is good for children like hindi stories. All readers, young or grown-ups are equally encouraged and invited to embark on Jyoti Kiran’s journey to “Taara ka Ghar” and explore the life that the home contains.

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Title: Taara Ka Ghar

Author: Jyoti Kiran

Reviewer: Akhila Saroha

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