June 22, 2024
Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan

Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan

Poet Jyoti Kiran’s poignant and mesmerising collection of poetry, “Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan” offers a deeply moving exploration of the eternal bond between a mother and her child, as seen through the lens of Hinduism and the tale of Lord Krishna’s birth. Adding more to the beauty of this poetry collection is the essence of the emotions that is portrayed by the poet in her work. At the heart of this book lies the timeless story of Devki Maa, the mother of Lord Shri Krishna, and the profound love that she holds for her divine son. Through the ‘54 Beautifully Crafted Poems’ featured in this book, author-poet Jyoti Kiran delves into the depths of Devki’s emotions, capturing the joy, sorrow, and unwavering devotion that define her relationship with Krishna!

Jyoti Kiran, is a well-known name and a prominent ‘Hindi Author’ with several books published by her over the years. She is known for some real interesting Hindi titles like, “Taara Ka Ghar,” “Bijju Aur Buti,” “Barish Ki Pati” and the latest one, “Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan!” Well, her latest book is published by Evincepub Publishing and is released during the month of April 2024. The book is available in both paperback as well as in e-book format and the readers can find this reading worthy title on all the top online marketplaces. Author-Poet Jyoti Kiran can be contacted at: jyotikiran813@gmail.com while she is also having her own YouTube channel with the username: @sunokahani2605.

Each poem in this collection, “Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan” is a lyrical masterpiece, weaving together vivid imagery and evocative language to bring the story of Mata Devki and Shri Krishna into life. From Devki’s anguish as she is separated from her newborn son to the tender moments shared between mother and child, every verse resonates with raw emotion and heartfelt sincerity. As the readers will go through the pages of this book they shall be reminded of the enduring legacy of the incredible tales related to Hinduism and the timeless wisdom it imparts. The poet’s masterful storytelling and poetic prowess make this book a true literary gem, offering readers a profound and enriching reading experience!

In addition to exploring the relationship between Devki Maa and Prabhu Shri Krishna, the book also delves into the broader themes of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of maternal devotion. Through her poignant verses, author-poet Jyoti Kiran invites the readers to reflect on the profound sacrifices made by the mothers throughout history and the timeless bond that unites the parents with their children.

Now coming to the Readers’ Connect part for this title, “Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan” I must mention that this book is indeed a precious read. One of the notable strengths of the book is the inclusion of the stunning illustrations that accompany each poem, portraying the various stages of Prabhu Shri Krishna’s life and the celestial beauty that surrounds him. These illustrations serve to enhance the readers’ understanding of the narrative and add an extra layer of depth to the wonderful poems present in this title. On top of that the infusion of spiritual wisdom, conveyed through these divine stanzas, adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative!

It is the poet, who plays the pivotal role in touching the inner cords of our emotions and making us believe and think the way their words intend to and Author-Poet, Jyoti Kiran had done this job in an exceptionally top-notch manner. Moreover, the author had beautifully expressed her feelings through her deep words and had given a strong start to the poems; also, you can see that most of these poems had retained their flow until the very end, which gives you an immense amount of satisfaction as a poetry lover.

Finally, coming to the Book’s Verdict part where I must begin by mentioning that this poetry collection title, “Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan” is for sure a MUST READ one. The book deserves a chance by the readers as it is a captivating and heartfelt tribute to the eternal love between a mother and her child, as depicted through the divine story of Mata Devki and Shri Krishna. The book is most certainly a must-pick for anyone seeking solace, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of the bonds that unite us all. In addition, Jyoti Kiran is a promising author, who is very sincere with her ideas, which the readers can feel through her spectacular writings. Further, her honest work makes this book even more reading worthy. “Jai Shri Krishn” to all the blessed readers of this incredibly divine title!

Book: Bhula Nhi tha Tumhein Maa Devkinandan

Author: Jyoti Kiran

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2024)

Total Pages: 129

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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