July 13, 2024
jayapratha kannan Interview

Know About Jayapratha Kannan

Born in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India, Jayapratha Kannan draws inspiration for her writing from her own experiences. She holds a master’s degree in finance and returned to India after a corporate stint in Europe, founding her own venture and authoring her debut book.
Her adventurous spirit and passion for exploring new places and cultures help her gather numerous stories to share with her readers.

Interview with Jayapratha

Akhila: Did you envision writing “It’s Just the Beginning” from the outset, or did the idea come to you later?

Jayapratha Kannan: The idea of writing a book was around for a while, more than a decade, but pinning it down to the story in “It’s Just the Beginning” came along later, after I had seen and experienced the world a bit.

Akhila: Could you share the inspiration behind your book, “It’s Just the Beginning”?

Jayapratha Kannan: The book is inspired by my own experiences when I moved to Europe for my master’s. Living there for about half a decade, I gathered countless invaluable experiences and stories to share.

Akhila: How did you approach the mentioning of different characters in your book? What motivated the placement of their mention in “It’s Just the Beginning”?

Jayapratha Kannan: The characters are influenced by the people I came across during my journey. One such example is when you are out in a foreign setting all by yourself, people who make things easier for you are the ones you can never forget. They become a part of your story, and so it is in the case of ‘It’s Just the Beginning.’

Akhila: What themes and messages were you aiming to convey through your book? Did “It’s Just the Beginning” provide ample space for expressing your ideas?

Jayapratha Kannan: I began writing the book as a memoir and planned to send some copies to my friends in Europe who were curious about India and Indian culture, as well as to my folks here who were curious about what I was up to in Europe or my travel stories. However, the book soon became a story with some fictional elements sprinkled in. The book talks a lot about Europe and India through my lenses, a journey of self-realization, love, exploration, and appreciation of one’s culture, to name a few themes.

Akhila: Do you believe that “It’s Just the Beginning” extends its relevance to universal issues and current events?

Jayapratha Kannan: My answer is ambiguous. Maybe and maybe not. The story is grounded in reality, and there are incidents in the book that many can resonate with. It is a story inspired by my journey, and in some sense, it reflects current scenarios.

Akhila: Could you elaborate on your writing process and how you structured “It’s Just the Beginning”? Did it involve frequent revisions?

Jayapratha Kannan: For someone with a background in finance, writing fiction was quite a journey. But was there any sort of method or strategy involved? No. As you know, the book is inspired by my journey, so I picked the opening, and from then on, everything flowed seamlessly for the storyline, as it mirrors my journey and aspirations. However, finalizing the story after it was written was quite tedious, with a lot of revisions and self-doubts that delayed the process, but it’s finally done. Thanks to the editing for doing the magic.

Akhila: How do you anticipate “It’s Just the Beginning” impacting readers, and what do you hope they glean from it? Were there specific objectives you aimed for while writing it?

Jayapratha Kannan: The book has something for everybody. If you are interested in travel and exploration, history, or culture, there is a good dose of those elements in it. If you are a person who draws inspiration from stories or seeks insight into topics like having a routine or making a to-do list, that’s in it too. Personally, I learned a lot writing the book, and now I’m motivated to get into a routine again and follow it religiously. My specific objective was that it should have something for everyone.

Akhila: Are there any discernible literary or artistic influences evident in “It’s Just the Beginning”? How did you ensure distinctiveness while employing a popular literary style?

Jayapratha Kannan: While I can’t pinpoint specific literary or artistic influences, I believe the writing style emerged organically as I transitioned from memoir to fiction. The blend of reality and fiction adds a touch of novelty to the book.

Akhila: In what way do you see “It’s Just the Beginning” fitting into the broader literary canon or genre?

Jayapratha Kannan: If I had to categorize it into just one, it would be fiction, again, inspired by my journey and the people in my life. But when given the freedom to choose, I would add a few more genres to it, like travel, culture, and self-help.

Akhila: Could you discuss any challenges or obstacles encountered during the writing process of “It’s Just the Beginning”?

Jayapratha Kannan: Quite a lot, actually. To begin with, settling on the opening chapter and the frequent question of whether I should publish it. Once this was sorted, I spent considerable time with self-doubts about whether anything needed to be changed – added or omitted. But at one point, I understood that constant confusion only leads to further delay, so I just went ahead and published it, understanding that whatever the outcome is, it is a learning experience in one way or another.

Akhila: Out of curiosity, could you briefly outline your future writing plans after completing “It’s Just the Beginning”?

Jayapratha Kannan: Sure, I definitely hope to write again, maybe a sequel to the current book, or something related to Indian culture. But before getting on that, I want to equip myself with knowledge related to literature and fiction writing. Most importantly, gain more experiences and travel to inspire my next book.

Akhila: It’s intriguing how you maintained objectivity regarding each chapter in “It’s Just the Beginning.” How did you manage to preserve this impartiality?

Jayapratha Kannan: So, once I got started, the flow came in seamlessly, and I already had an idea that each chapter should convey a message beyond the story of Sara. The book transcends beyond mere fiction, and I was particular that the reader should have a pleasant learning experience with it.

Akhila: I wish you all the best and hope “It’s Just the Beginning” achieves remarkable success in its royalty collection.

Jayapratha Kannan: Thank you very much for your wishes. I appreciate it and the success of the book would be wonderful. It was a great conversation.

Book By Jayapratha Kannan

Title: It’s Just The Beginning

Publisher: Evinvepub Publishing

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