May 20, 2024
Niyatinati Aruna Shaibya

Aruna Shaibya’s Niyatinati comes with a colourful book cover that is evocative and puts forth a subtitle of the book that reads as: The Ultimate Justice of Karma. The title of the book is very interesting. It expresses the fact that as one sows, so shall they reap. This is indicative of the fact that no matter how harsh and difficult evil is, there will be the ultimate victory of good. This good versus evil is something that is present in all the spheres of the world but good will eventually win and the plot of this novel proves and drives this point home. The book at once evokes the imagination of even a passive reader who is bound to fall into a chain of thoughts regarding action and reaction. It increases the curiosity and interest of the reader who is bound to pick this book up and experience an enjoyable and memorable read of about 275 pages. The book is available in both English and Hindi languages.

The plot is a roller coaster ride and one that is filled with thrills and entertainment throughout the reading process. Set on the campus on Banaras Hindu University, the book introduces the readers to Vivek who has enrolled in BHU for his higher studies. He has a slight face off with a fellow student Dheeraj at the campus during the process of seat allotment. However, this is later settled and the two students go off on their own ways. It is later when Vivek goes to check for the hostel room that is allotted to him that he realises that he is to share the room with two other boys, one of whom is Dheeraj. They get into a spat again but Vivek becomes good friends with the other room mate Prashant and the two exchange contact details. The plot pans towards the geographical details of the city of Banaras, particularly the several ghats of which Vivek and his family (they accompany him to fulfil the admission process in BHU) visit Assi Ghat. Soon the initial days of settling down in Banaras are over and the classes start with the pressure of the course and completion of syllabus.

Amidst all this blooms the beauty of new friendship between the trio as the plot gathers pace and explains the day to day activities of these young university students looking forward to make a bright future by fulfilling their dreams and making their families proud of their achievements. What is brought forth through the plot is the dreams and aspirations of young students, their hopes, wishes, joys and sorrows through struggles that make them stronger and hardier. These struggles are not restricted to studies and the challenges of competition to get a good job but also problems at home and related to family or other personal, emotional matters such as the death of Vivek’s father and his sister Mini’s kidnapping. This pushes him to try to become a police officer like his father. However, when Vivek sees the dead body of his kidnapped sister, then he is suggested to try to become a civil servant so that he may assist in saving the sisters of the country although he failed to save his own.

This inspires him and the rest of the plot shows his struggles to become a civil servant and his ultimate success. But the goal is not to reach that position and hold a money laden post with many privileges. The goal is to bring about positive change through the power that such a position brings with it. This is exactly what Vivek tries to do but meets with many challenges such as the rescue operation of a girl who was kidnapped and tried to be murdered like his sister Mini. This brings forth an entire racket that is active in the national capital and it is deep rooted and far reaching although Vivek finds success in the case of Mrignayani. All these ups and downs in the plot make the plot relatable and realistic. It may be driven by personal reasons to avenge the loss of his sister but also a larger good. Although the initial parts of the novel are set in Banaras, there is a shift from there to Meerut and Delhi. In this sense, the plot is rather set in much of Northern India.

The writing style is simple and easy to follow. The vocabulary used is one that makes for easy understanding and quickly drives home the main facts that the characters exchange through dialogues that are well constructed. Most of the plot is taken ahead with dialogues that have a certain manner of expression that gives an added expression to the characters. These characters can be understood by their typical style of talking and the presence of well -constructed dialogues makes the novel almost like a play that can be staged or even acts as a script for a film. Overall, the book is entertaining but also didactic and gives a moral and informs without being overly factual.

Reviewed By: Tasnima Yasmin

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