September 30, 2023

Firstly, it is obligatory to understand the very concept of ‘School Brand’ before going ahead. As many of the readers might not be aware with the subject matter, on which this book review has been written down!

Well, the term ‘School Brand’ includes all the activities meant to provide a public image of a school. They include branding services, advertising, and marketing. With this said, schools today need to do it in much more effective ways in order to compete with their peers and even bigger brands. The School Brand is also created by the staff, as well as by students, parents, alumni, and anyone else who will give their input. The brand also evolves based on how the school changes throughout time.

This remarkable book, “Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us” by Authors Rakesh Gupta and Sumit Handa is written with the aim of imparting the basic knowledge to the entrepreneurs belonging to the educational sector. This book tends to change the mindset & the attitude of the people who are seeking wisdom in their entrepreneurial journey to create their own school brand. The book also highlights the challenges, which may occur in the process of business development. The manner in which the solutions are provided by the Authors to most of the issues, which people faces while carrying out their own business journey, is truly incredible!

Author Rakesh Gupta is a seasoned investment banking and consulting specialist with 15+ years. He has advised over 75+ clients globally across the spectrum on market entry & expansion strategy, business planning, fund raise, M&A. Rakesh has over 500+ investors network globally and has executed 4000 Crore+ investments. Whereas, Author Sumit Handa has 20+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Operations across ITC, Tata Global Beverages, Oakridge International School chain and worked with multiple D2C brands. In education sector, Sumit has consulted 25+ clients across K12 International & CBSE schools, Playschools, Junior Colleges, Online schools and Ed. Tech companies.

The book, “Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us” by Authors Rakesh Gupta and Sumit Handa is basically a business guide, coming under the category of “Business Strategy & Management!” Through this book, the authors bring to their writing, cumulative experiences of setting up the complete roadmap of building a school brand, taking into the fold all stakeholders for a school system – be it students, parents, employees and society in general. Interspersed with real life anecdotes the chapters cover topics such as marketing for lead generation to nurturing the brand to conversion strategies that go into creating a highly engaged community around the brand. After all, the business brass tacks are what makes a school a great place to work and study. Since, it is all about the brand placement in the eyes of the consumers!

This book shares some great insights and covers the marketing fundamentals shared are extremely relevant to anyone who is keen on building up a playschool, K12 school, junior college or any other education brand. The Authors has presented some very useful set of guides and wisdoms in this book, which are going to help the readers in practical lives while creating their own school brand. Through the, ‘9 Reading Worthy Chapters & A Closing Note’ presented in this book, the readers are bound to know the entire Do’s and Don’ts about creating a School Brand.

Now coming to the Readers’ Connect part for this title, “Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us” I must mention that this book is way too unique. As the title lays down a whole set of the practical guides for those readers, who are looking forward to understand several aspects of running a business and overcoming the challenges, which occurs while running a business front. This book begins where many ends, since you will find the same theories and formulas elsewhere, while through this book, the Authors are making an incredible attempt to bring the change in the readers’ mindset. So that the ones, who are following the guides provided by the authors can reach out to something that has no limitations!

Finally, coming to the Book’s Verdict part, let me begin by mentioning that this title, “Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us” published by Evincepub Publishing is for sure a MUST READ one. Through this book, the readers not only get the answers of their long unanswered questions, but they also achieve a mindset to create solutions for themselves. Through this book, the Authors had also provided some real simple and yet impactful approaches to deal with the challenges of business development and move ahead with an open mind and an approach to do the things the right way.

In addition, the Authors of this book indeed deserves appreciation for introducing such beneficial knowledge about creating a School Brand. This ‘Business Strategy & Management’ book does not simply serves the readers with all sorts of business theories, but also explains the necessities and requirements of applying those business principles in practical stages and then measure the proceeding towards any kinds of actions!

Book Link:

Book: Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us

Authors: Rakesh Gupta & Sumit Handa

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2023)

Total Pages: 191

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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