June 22, 2024
Anokha Ehsaas
Poems and Shayari in the Hindi language have a separate target audience, and that audience loves to read new and different Shayari on a variety of topics that revolve around different aspects of life. This is one section of literary writing that gives an unknown depth to words and takes the readers to the corners of life that remain unvisited on an ordinary level. Through his book, “Anokha Ehsaas,” the author Kapil Lodha writes a collection of poems and Shayari that explore life from different angles and perspectives and make the readers wonder at a different level altogether. As the book is in the Hindi language, the book is for those who like reading hindi literature as it makes them connect with the language and its words in more depth and understand the passion with which the poet writes.

There are more than forty poems in the “Anokha Ehsaas.” The poetry is about love, life, hope, reality, dreams, and such aspects of life. The author has written relatable emotions through the poems. The names of the poems are very interesting. The lines of each poem are unique and full of life lessons for various situations. The poems like “Khushi ke pal,” “Ummeed,” “Motapa,” “Adhurapan,” are something which would make a reader feel the emotions are their own and the experiences mentioned are portrayed in depth in the book by the author. Kapil Lodha tried to speak the mind of the many who have thoughts related to the subjects explored through his poetry and make his work a platform for people’s thoughts to express as well as feel without any reservations openly.

“Anokha Ehsaas” as a title strikes to be a fictional story that would be waiting for a reader. The story will have emotional ups and downs and will finally have something worthy at the end, which will make a reader realise the importance of emotions in life. However, the book has beautiful poems and Shayari in hindi for the readers to read and enjoy them. The cover of the book is designed wonderfully with a perfect choice of colours and absolutely appropriate words. The colors on the cover convey a whirlwind of emotions that not only take the readers’ imagination on different flights but also entertain them and give them a wholesome experience.

The language used by the author in “Anokha Ehsaas” is simple, which makes the book easier to understand for an audience of all ages. The writing style of Kapil Lodha is so good that poems would most certainly make a reader feel all the emotions through the poems. The way the author has used the words for writing the poems in the book to convey the thoughts of the mind of the author and the wide range of emotions that one feels while living life is mysterious and interesting, both at the same time.

All the Poems in the book “Anokha Ehsaas” by Kapil Lodha are written meticulously having a favourable influence on all the emotions of a reader. However, as everyone has a unique perspective, you might believe that some emotions are emotionally overwhelming. Anyone who has experienced every feeling imaginable in life will understand what the author is trying to say with ease. The wide variety of poems that the author presents not only about his understanding of the world but also his musings as an observer of society who has the hunger to learn from other’s experiences. This governs the lengths of his poems which vary and do not follow any specific parameter or length, which also explains the free flow of his thoughts.

Rich language is used throughout “Anokha Ehsaas.” The book is a perfect pick for those who like ‘shayrana andaaz’ and poems. Those who are still new to this realm will find the book a treat to their aesthetic side and exploration of creative faculties. This book is not restricted to any specific audience and every reader can try reading “Anokha Ehsaas” to experience the Anokha Ehsaas that Kapil Lodha has to share with the readers.

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