April 24, 2024
Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel

Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel

Now, before starting the review of this remarkable title, “Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel” it becomes highly obligatory to understand the very concept of ‘Six Sigma!’ As many of the readers might not be aware with the subject matter, on which this book review has been written down. Well, in simple terms ‘Six Sigma’ can be described as a set of methodologies and tools, which are used to improve business processes by reducing defects and errors, minimizing variation, and increasing quality and efficiency. The goal of Six Sigma is to achieve a level of quality that is nearly perfect, with only 3.4 defects per million opportunities!

Author Merwan Mehta, Ph.D. is a Professor at East Carolina University in the Technology Systems Department in the College of Engineering and Technology in Greenville, NC. He coordinates the programs in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology and the graduate certificate in Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt. Prior to joining academics in 2004, he has over twenty years of experience in business and industry as a business owner in two businesses, vice-president, manufacturing manager, project director, industrial engineer, machine tool design engineer, and manufacturing engineer.

Author Mehta also works as a Lean Six-Sigma operational excellence consultant for manufacturing, service and healthcare facilities to make them profitable and productive since 2000. He has been an examiner for the Missouri Quality Award based on the Baldrige criteria for 3 seasons. Whereas, this academic title, ‘Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel’ is published and released worldwide by Evincepub Publishing. Well, the book is available in both paperback as well as in e-book format and the readers can find this remarkable book on all the top online marketplaces!

In this book, “Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel” Author Merwan Mehta offers a comprehensive and invaluable guide to achieving process excellence through the application of Six Sigma and Lean principles. The book falls under the genre of academic and higher education, providing industrial-specific knowledge that is essential for professionals seeking to enhance their process improvement skills.

Drawing on his extensive experience in operational excellence and process improvement spanning over 25 years, Mehta presents a well-crafted compilation of best practices and real-world insights. The book serves as a treasure trove of knowledge for individuals looking to optimize their processes and drive productivity and profitability in their organizations. Well, through the, ‘11 Learning Worthy Chapters’ presented in this book, the readers are bound to discover several formulas that will teach them some of the best practices to increase their level of productivity!

In addition, the book’s subject matter revolves around the fundamental concept that all work is a process. Author Mehta echoes the wisdom of Dr. Deming by emphasizing that understanding and describing a process is the first step toward improving it. With this principle at its core, the book takes readers on a journey of learning and discovery, equipping them with the tools and techniques needed to master process improvement.

Now coming to the Readers’ Connect part for this title, “Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel” I must mention that this book is way too useful. One of the book’s notable strengths lies in its emphasis on practical application. Author Mehta not only delves into the theory behind Lean Six Sigma but also provides practical examples and case studies that illustrate how these principles can be implemented in real-world scenarios. This approach not only enhances understanding but also empowers readers to apply the concepts in their own professional settings!

Moreover, the book’s focus on Excel as a tool for data analysis and process improvement is particularly valuable. Excel is widely used across industries, and the author’s integration of this versatile software into the process improvement framework makes the book an indispensable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their analytical capabilities. This book begins where many ends, since you will find the same theories and formulas elsewhere, while through this book, the author is making an incredible attempt to bring the change in the readers’ mindset. So that the ones, who are following the guides provided by the author can reach out to something that has no limitations.

Finally, coming to the Book’s Verdict part, let me begin by mentioning that this academic title is for sure a MUST READ one. The author’s passion for the subject matter shines through in the book’s content. His dedication to sharing his knowledge and experiences makes this book, “Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel” an engaging and enlightening read. Author Mehta’s guidance inspires readers to embrace continuous improvement and strive for excellence in their work. Author’s writing style is clear, concise, and engaging, making complex concepts accessible to readers at all levels of expertise. Whether one is new to the field or a seasoned practitioner, the book caters to a diverse audience by presenting the material in a structured and organized manner!

In addition, this title is indeed Reading Worthy for individuals seeking to master the art of process improvement and drive operational excellence. Author Merwan Mehta’s wealth of knowledge and practical insights provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to make a significant impact in their organizations. This book is a valuable addition to the library of professionals, educators, and students aiming to elevate their understanding of Lean Six Sigma and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

Book: Process Excellence Using Lean Six-Sigma And Excel
Author: Merwan Mehta
Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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