June 22, 2024
Free eBook Publishing Platform

Free eBook Publishing Platform

Most of the people No a day evolve in writing but most of them don’t have money to publish their writeup. So they are searching for a free book publishing service and they connect with some of publisher but they not provide copyright to the author. So today we are coming with few online free eBook publishing platforms.

1. Kindle

Kindle is one of the most popular platforms for publish your book in ebook Format as well as you can publish paperback and Hardback too.

It is amazon product no any security all your content will be secure in terms of copyright. Each users have to login their account when they want to read any book or purchase any book from kindle and can not share the file to others because it cannot be downloaded.

Kindle is available in more that 150+ countries all over the world


2. Good reads

Goodreads is platform where you can publish your book. Good read is mainly used for checking the book rating and quality. It is not a ecommerce that means no body can buy book from Good read You can only the read the book detail like how many pages is in the book, In which language it is. Also you can check the critic review here for any book. Most of the critic post there review here it is verified platform.


3. Kobo

Kobo is one of the most used platform for the ebook In middle east countries. It is available in more than 50+ country in Europe and middle east as well as Russia.

 All the Indian language accepted at Kobo.


4. Google Books

Google book is a google product which is specific for the book. Here you can purchase ebook. It supports all Indian language it is available in all the countries in which google is active.

Google books is one of the easy and safest platform to publish ebook in free of cost. It will proved 35% royalty of MRP per ebook sale from here.


5.Google Play

It is also a google product. You can list the title through google book In both google books and google play. Here you can purchase the book and read in your mobile easily.


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