June 22, 2024


“Some would say they could fight an entire army alone. Some would say their swords had sparks. They were the invisible hands of justice. Nick named the Vedic Warriors by the British; the five secret revolutionaries attacked Company strongholds and punished cruel officers. They were called the Swadhin Sena and Anant was their enigmatic leader. He was the legend that mothers whispered into the ears of their children. The five brothers were united by common cause: the freedom of Bharat from the draconian East India Company. Their mark was the ‘Vajra’ – the lightning bolt of Lord Indra- the vanquisher of demons. They planned to unite the armies of India’s Princely States into one mammoth army which would challenge the Colonial rule. These revolutionaries went from kingdom to kingdom with a bundle of chapatis conveying the secret message that a revolution was coming. The little people helped the rebels to overthrow kingdoms. However, when they burned down the kingdom of Akshaygarh and seized its army, they unknowingly invited the wrath of Princess Indraini. On the run in the wild forests of Central India, the exiled princess vowed to have her revenge on the Brothers at any cost. The Vedic Warriors of 1857 is the thrilling story of a revolutionary leader and a vanquished princess set in the historical backdrop of 1857. It re-visits the forgotten past of India through a fresh lens. The forces of an exploitative East India Company and greed driven royalty clash with brave warriors motivated to win Bharat her liberty and dignity.”

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